張季衡 / Dr. Chi-Heng Chang


張季衡 / Dr. Chi-Heng Chang

General Manager

Gimer Medical


  • Biomedical/Medical Engineering 2007 – 2009 National Taiwan University


  • 2017: National innovation Award for New Enterprise

  • 2016 Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) 3rd Prize (27 companies from 14 countries )

  • 2013 established Gimer Medical

  • 2011: Rookie award at Taiwan Biomedical and Agricultural Show

  • 2007~2009: NTU Development team, studying CNS& Peripheral Nerve stimulation research




  • Formed in the biomedical engineering labs of National Taiwan University, GiMer Medical spun out of the research group with the support of their research advisors and medical doctors and officially incorporated in 2013. The initial motivation was to commercialize the novel electrical stimulation technology and contribute to a nascent healthcare industry in Taiwan. As our product development effort deepened, we became confident in stepping into global market.

  • Our initial focus is on ultra high frequency spinal cord stimulation device addressing chronic pain. In the pipeline we will take this innovative treatment further and apply to other indications, hoping to make positive impacts on the quality of lives of those who suffer from different medical conditions.

  • With rich resources in clinical and academia, awards and grants by the Taiwanese government, VC/Angel capital, and ambition for international market, GiMer Medical is in the right position to grow and spark in global neuromodulation sphere.







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