Dr. Denis Marcon



Dr. Denis Marcon

Business development Manager



  • Doctor of Engineering (Ph. D.)


  • Business development manager for imec’s GaN partnerships and dedicated development projects of Si-based device and sensors 

  • Project manager and lead device engineer for highly reliable GaN-based RF devices for space applications

  • Reliability engineer of GaN-based power devices

  • leading author or co-author >50 journal papers or conference contributions. 



  • Denis Marcon received a M.S. degree from the University of Padova in 2006. Subsequently, he received the degree of Doctor in Engineering (Ph. D.) from the Catholic University of Leuven and imec with the thesis entitled “Reliability study of power gallium nitride based transistors” in 2011.He is leading author or co-author of more than 50 journal papers or conference contributions. 

  • Currently, he is in imec, Belgium and he is directly responsible for the  partnerships with imec in the field of  GaN power electronics and on dedicated development projects of Si-based device and sensors.




  • Wideband gap technologies (SiC and GaN) are the most promising candidates for performance beyond the Si limits. In particular, GaN combines high performance with a low cost technology thanks to the fact that GaN can be grown on 200 mm/8-inch cheap Si(111) substrates (GaN-on-Si) that can be processed in a high productivity CMOS fab. 

  • Imec is world-first to show a normally-off/enhancement mode (e-mode) device technology on 200mm/8-inch GaN-on-Si wafers, which simultaneously achieves a very low dynamic Ron dispersion (below 20%) and state-of-the-art performance and reproducibility.  This technology is ready for prototyping, customized low-volume production and technology transfer.

  • In this talk, we analyze the challenges related to the manufacturing of 200 mm/8-inch GaN-on-Si wafers in a CMOS fab. Firstly, we describe the inherent challenges related to the growth of GaN layers on Si substrates and show our latest results on GaN-based epi-buffers. Secondly, we discuss and show our latest results of imec’s 200mm/8-inch GaN-on-Si e-mode device technology for 200V and 650V power switching applications.





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