Dr. Isaac Ow



Dr. Isaac Ow

Key Product Unit Head

Metal Deposition Products

Applied Materials Inc


  • Phd. Physics. National University of Singapore


  • Manages marketing, technology and product development teams / Key Product Unit Head / Applied Materials

  • Product Management / Global Product Manager / Applied Materials



  • IOT, big data together with mobile consumer devices are driving the industry today. Wafer-level packaging approaches, fulfills the high speed, low-power, high functionality and form factor requirements, amd have been leading the way past few years. However, more demanding requirements are coming in, resulting in recent investigation into embedded/3D and fan-out options to enable more functionality bring more value to advanced packaging and enabling continuation of Moore’s law. However, the switch in the packaging architecture also brings about significant processing challenges. This is pushing for the need to continue to create technology and innovation that will enable sustained evolution in advanced wafer-level packaging. Some challenges as well as creative solutions will be discussed.




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