Dr. Veer Dhandapani



Dr. Veer Dhandapani

Head of Automotive Packaging

Global Technology Innovation

NXP Semiconductors


  • Ph.D.


  • Head, Automotive Packaging: New product and technology development for >$3.5B Automotive business

  • Lead innovations in leaded and leadless packaging for Microprocessor, Analog, Sensor and Radar platforms

  • >15 years in the semiconductor across Silicon front-end technology, marketing, customer management and strategy apart from packaging



  • Innovations in the automotive industry today are synonymous with electronic technological advances and their applications to the automobiles we drive.  Energy efficiency, the seamless connected car and advanced driver assist systems are the dominant trends driving the integration of highly innovative electronics in cars.  This presentation will discuss some of the unique challenges for packaging technologies that are driven by the reliability, vehicle and functional safety as well as security requirements that the above trends dictate. These challenges are constantly evolving, especially as automotive electronics take advantage of the benefits of silicon scaling and incorporate leading edge nodes earlier than ever before.  NXP Semiconductors, as the #1 Global Automotive supplier, is ideally poised to understand the needs of the automotive market and produce innovations with collaborative partners and suppliers. In addition to discussing the challenges, some of the unique solutions that NXP offers will also be discussed.




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