王興嘉 / Dr. Hsing-Chia Wang



王興嘉 / Dr. Hsing-Chia Wang

處長 / Director

電子化學材料事業部 / Electronic Chemical Division

李長榮化學工業股份有限公司 / LCY CHEMICAL CORP.


  • Ph.D. Polymer Science, University of Massachusetts, USA


  • Director, Daxin Materials, Taiwan



Dr. H.C. Wang is currently as head of the Electronic Chemical Division at LCY Chemical Corp. Prior to this, he worked for Eternal Chemical as a R&D manager in developing chemicals and formulations for LCD, solar, LED and IC applications. He was then transferred to Daxin Materials (a joint venture of AU Optronics and Eternal Chemical) as a R&D director managing a group of scientists and researchers in developing electronic grade chemicals. He is specialized in polymer, photoresist, wet chemicals, dispersion and high purity chemicals in the field of the electronic industry.

Dr. Wang earned his Master degree in Material Science from the University of Southern California and a Ph. D. degree in Polymer Science from University of Massachusetts.





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