Dr. Zhen Liu



Dr. Zhen Liu

Director of Process Engineering



  • PhD Chemical Engineering


  • Lead development programs in electrodeposition process to meet advanced wafer packaging applications, such as high speed Cu, advanced lead-free solder plating, TSV and other ECD processes;

  • As the inventor of the ECD tools at TEL NEXX, designed fully automatic wafer electrodeposition tools for advanced wafer packaging



  • There is skepticism in our industry whether Panel Level Fan-out (PLP) can provide acceptable performance and achieve cost advantages over wafer level packaging (WLP) due to a variety of scaling effects that create challenges to meet the performance and yield demonstrated in Fan-out WLP.

  • Issues common to all process steps include handling and processing of bowed panels of varying thickness and roughness. For electrochemical plating of panels there are challenges in moving from a round to a square substrate due to corner effects and asymmetric current conduction from the panel face to the edges.   Panel thicknesses ranging from 100 µm to a few millimeters challenge edge-seal and electrical contact capability and reliability. Uniformity and fluid handling challenges are also posed in scaling 300 mm-tuned processes to 500 mm.

  • The P500 is a new panel ECD tool which addresses many of these challenges. The panel ECD tools have begun production at customers’ sites and met customer specifications.  This presentation will include: design features that address scaling issues, and the panel ECD process results which are compatible to wafer tools.





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