陳正夫 / Dr. Cheng-Foo Chen



陳正夫 / Dr. Cheng-Foo Chen

資深副總 / Sr. VP

研發處 / R&D

為昇科科技 / Cubtek Inc.


  • Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley


  • Sr. VP, Cubtek Inc.

  • Sr. General Manager, HAITEC 

  • Technical Manager, General Motors Co., USA



  • Senior VP, Cubtek:

   Radar System, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • Senior General Manager, HAITEC:

   Active Safety Systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Vehicle Telematics/Infotainment Systems, Advanced Systems R&D, Engine Management Systems, Hybrid Vehicle Control

  • Senior Research Engineer, Staff Research Engineer, Assistant Staff Engineer, Program Manager, Technical Manager, General Motors R&D Center and Engineering Groups in the following technical areas:

   Powertrain Control, Body Control, ABS, Integrated Chassis Control, Electronic Stability Control, Roll-over Mitigation Control, Hardware-in-the-Loop Real-Time Vehicle Simulation System Development, Real-Time System Laboratory, Virtual Cockpit, Software Vehicle Project, Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation Systems, Vehicle Communications, etc.





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