黃敬涵 / Dr. Chinghan Huang



黃敬涵 / Dr. Chinghan Huang

專案部經理 / Department Manager

光電微機電工程 / MEMS and Photonics Engineering

日月光集團 中壢廠 / ASE Group Chung Li Factory


  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, National Central University


  • Department Manager, ASE Group

  • Principal Engineer, Touch micro-system



Audi is introducing their level 3 self-driving system into their A8 series start from this year. Recently more and more key players are aslo joining the game of the Autonomous and the self-driving system. The key factor from the assembly and the testing is that we are facing more critical reliability criteria in automotive application. ASE Group spends a long time on the automotive devices package and even provides different advance package in automotive sensor modules. We are glad to share our experience in innovation automotive packages and connect to our final modules in our Group.





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