Mr. Nan Wang



Mr. Nan Wang

Sr. Director, Technology and Quality

Supply Chain Operations

Cisco Systems, Inc.


  • MSEE, Southern Methodist University

  • BSEE, Shanghai Jiaotong University


  • Nan Wang has been with Cisco Systems for 17 years, where he serves as Sr. Director in the Technology and Quality organization within Cisco’s global Supply Chain Operations. 

  • He leads the Component Quality and Technology Group, with focus on strategic component technology development for next generation products across Cisco. 

  • In recent years, his team has been focusing on the component technology innovations, such as Silicon Photonics, 2.5D/3D IC, to enable the next generation of the networking applications and accelerate the digital transformation.



  • The race is on to digitize across the information technology industry. Digitization is reshaping IT infrastructure, driving significant network bandwidth growth.  This brings both unprecedented opportunity as well as technical challenges for network operator, system architect and component suppliers

  • System evolution is constrained by the economics of Moore’s Law.  More and more chip designs are leveraging Heterogeneous Integration and 3D IC.

  • In this talk we will look at some of the applications in networking system design, including ASIC and Silicon Photonics Optical Solutions

  • We will also discuss the various challenges and some strategies that the industry is investigating to overcome these challenges.





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