雷孟思 / Mr. Peter Lemmens



雷孟思 / Mr. Peter Lemmens

總經理 / General Manager

台灣愛美科 / imec Taiwan




  • Before joining imec, Peter has held several R&D management positions at Philips Electronics in Belgium, The Netherlands and Taiwan.  He also served as a coordinator for FP7 European research projects, in the area of technology aware design and multi-core embedded systems.  He holds a master of science in industrial engineering, with a major in micro-electronics.





The healthcare arena is on a clear path towards preventative and personalized medicine. Semiconductor nanotechnology is a key enabler to advancing this goal. The market has already developed low-power analog, digital, and radio circuitry combined with novel sensors. These wearables can measure progressively more parameters with greater accuracy, have become smaller in size and are more energy efficient-such that their use is nearly transparent. Likewise, customized silicon chips will allow complex biochemical tests with a small, low-cost disposable such that anyone can perform a range of tests anywhere and anytime. The ability of silicon chips to measure and process data at enormous levels of parallelism has already enabled reading of the human genome at prices that were, until a few years ago, unthinkable. Imec's portfolio includes numerous projects in which silicon is customized for healthcare applications. Along with one of our collaborating institutions, Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), we demonstrate how medical care will be substantially improved in the near future owing to semiconductor nanotechnology innovations.





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