劉郁昇 / Mr. Jason Liu



劉郁昇 / Mr. Jason Liu

業務經理 / Sales Manager

濾能股份有限公司 / GreenFILTEC Taiwan Ltd.


  • MBA, Fu-Jen Catholic University


  • Sales Manager of GreenFILTEC Taiwan (current)

  • Sales / Marketing Director of Yantouch Corp.

  • Sales Manager of Easywell Biomedical, Inc.

  • Sales Manager of Cenefom Corp.



  • Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) issue is getting more concerned toward the Advanced Process Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing.  Using chemical filters is now a popular method to prevent wafers or chips from AMC defects.

  • According to statistics, there are more than 90,000 pieces of used chemical filters to be properly treated every year in Taiwan.  Imaging if we pile up the same quantity of chemical filters, it’d be 42 times the height of Taipei 101.

  • Efforts and costs on handling these industrial waste properly (cost saving, legally and eco-friendly) has become a serious topic and a major headache for every semiconductor manufacturing companies.

  • GreenFILTEC brings the chemical filters into a new era, an innovative design which makes the filter frame reusable, filter media recyclable, and the final waste dramatically reduced (more than 50%).

  • Dedicated in developing green filtration technologies, GreenFILTEC showcases the implementation of the circular economy concept towards chemical filters.





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