鄭心圃 / Dr. Shin-Puu Jeng



鄭心圃 / Dr. Shin-Puu Jeng

處長 / Director




  • Ph.D, University of Florida


  • Director, TSMC

  • Recipient of national industrial innovation Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs, Outstanding Engineer Award from Chinese Institute of Engineers , as well as TSMC Prolific Inventor and Best Disclosure Awards

  • General chair of IITC, Executive co-chair of IMPACT

  • Conducted post doctoral studies at Yale University



Fanout package technology offers new levels of performance, high density integration, and form factor advantages.  The top challenges of fanout packages are warpage control and RDL integrity.  In this paper, we present a modeling approach based on viscoelasticity to accurately predict and manage warpage evolution.  Finite element stress modeling is used to mitigate the RDL crack risk.  In addition to simulation results, characterization methodologies for copper/polymer interfacial strength are discussed.  As compared to typical flip chip packages, CPI related ELK delam may pose lower risks in fanout packages. 





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