Dr. Andreas Neuber



Dr. Andreas Neuber

Head Subfab & Environmental Products

Applied Materials


  • PhD University of Dresden


  • 2011  Head Subfab & Environmental Products, Applied Materials

  • 2008-2012 Director Environmental Consulting, Applied Materials

  • 1990-2008 VP, Manufacturing Technology, M+W





There is an increased need to reduce power and resource consumption in semiconductor manufacturing. Solutions must be safe and shall not impact the process. The paper shows how and what savings can be achieved beyond the conventional idle mode savings.

Data collected to synchronize fab and subfab operation can also be used by the Fab owner for further operational improvements, e.g. trending of performance criteria, predictive and preventive maintenance of subfab components, environmental reporting, alarm management of secondary components.

Integration of the subfab data into the Fab wide information systems increase visibility, improves safety and allow structured improvements of all aspects of fab operation including a complete understanding of the power and resource consumption in a semiconductor fab.





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