佐竹 司 / Mr. Tsukasa Satake



佐竹 司 / Mr. Tsukasa Satake

Division Manager

QUALITY Management Center



  • Bachelor of Mechanical engineering, Kansai Univ.

  • JSPE member


  • Started at HORIBA in 1982, developed optics and spectroscopic analytical instruments, provided system solutions.     57 patents.

  • Global business management of Semiconductor and Scientific segment for 11 years. 

  • “ QUALITY ” management since 2014





Natural disaster is unavoidable and prediction is almost impossible. Once the disaster occurs, the corporate is seriously damaged, then to affect supply chain.

HORIBA  ASO plant located in Kumamoto prefecture has been damaged by the M7.3 earthquake in April 2014.

HORIBA learned and will disclose;

  • Fact of the damage and impact to customers

  • Fast recovery action and result

  • Key parameters for recovery

  • Effectiveness of BCMS-ISO22301, and limitations




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