Mr. Sanjay Baliga



Mr. Sanjay Baliga

Director of Sustainable Manufacturing

SEMI Global Headquarters


  • Baliga has a multitude of academic degrees from Stanford University, Yale University, and the University of Michigan.


  • Sanjay Baliga is Director of Sustainable Manufacturing at SEMI Global Headquarters.

  • Baliga has more than two decades of professional experience addressing issues at the interface of science, engineering, management and policy. 

  • Before coming to SEMI, Baliga was an independent consultant providing regulatory, scientific, and technical consulting services to a wide variety of chemical industry companies, trade associations and research councils. 





Under the Stockholm Convention, the United Nations (UN) recently proposed a global restriction on the substance, PFOA (Per-Fluoro-Octanoic-Acid). PFOA has been described a persistent organic pollutant (POP) that does not easily biodegrade in the environment and has a tendency to accumulate in ecosystem food-chains. The proposal would make it illegal to use PFOA in finished products, including all semiconductor manufacturing equipment and facilities-related equipment. The proposal would also make it illegal to use PFOA in photolithography materials. If enacted without revision, these restrictions would likely take effect in 2020 (or shortly thereafter) in almost every country on earth. The presentation will summarize the salient elements of the Stockholm Convention proposal, likely impacts to SEMI members, and steps SEMI Global Headquarters is currently undertaking to allow for exemptions under the Convention.







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