胡硯嵐 / Ms. Doris Hu



胡硯嵐 / Ms. Doris Hu

處長 / Director

大中國事業部 / GC BU



  • MBA certification from Taiwan University

  • BS degree in Electronics Engineering from Tamkang University 


  • 1 year marketing director in Amkor.  Focus on business development in automotive segment in GC.

  • 6 years Sr. regional marketing manager in NXP.  Lead a team to grow business to $300M annually in GC.

  • 2 years product director in LSC.  Lead a team to release 6 new products and grow sales to double.

  • 5 years system engineer in TI.  Create one new product series for consumer segment and enrich one product series for communication segment. 

  • 10 years regional marketing in TI Asia





Automotive production is in 2.4% CAGR from 2015 to 2022, and SC value is in 6.7% CAGR during the same period per IHS study in Q4 2016.  The growth is significantly driven by expected driving experience, like self-driving system, electrical energy system, and comfort sitting environment.   

In this section, we will review existing most seen package types, which has proven reliability in automotive industry, its new challenge and solution.  And, we will introduce the package migration path driven by new function, as well as the 3rd party efforts of standardizing test method to guarantee component reliability.  

Amkor has 40+ years automotive packaging experience, and is #1 automotive OSAT in WW.





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