Mr. Nick Knight



Mr. Nick Knight

產品經理 / Product Manager, PVD Products

住程科技系統有限公司 / SPTS Technologies


  • B.S. in Electronics, Southampton , UK


  • Product Marketing Manager – PVD Products, Electrotech

  • Product Marketing Manager – Etch Products, STS

  • Asia Regional Service Manager – STS





While the market for fan-out packages will continue to be dominated by mobile phone applications for the foreseeable future, there is a growing demand from other applications such as automotive, high performance computing, medical, and industrial products.  With OSATS and foundries releasing an increasing variety of devices packaged in the fan-out format, the reliability, productivity and yield of the various wafer processing technologies becomes a key factor in fan-out’s continuing adoption.  In emerging applications, FOWLP offers not only the reduced size and cost-savings already being exploited by mobile phone manufacturers, but also offer design flexibility for complex systems and superior electrical properties due to decreased parasitics and lower dielectric losses in higher frequency and mmWave applications, such as automotive radar systems[1].

This presentation will discuss solutions for optimizing yield and productivity during physical vapor deposition (PVD) of under-bump and redistribution metal layers. The challenges in PVD processing of FOWLP are varied, such as contamination, particles and wafer warpage.  The latest PVD hardware specifically designed for BEOL processing has all the necessary features a UBM/RDL customer requires for this application, such as pre-clean etch hardware designed to increase uptime and in-situ multi-wafer degas technology to significantly improve wafer throughput and lower Rc. Data from systems in production will be presented, demonstrating the efficacy of the technology. 

[1] “Board Level Reliability of Automotive eWLB (embedded wafer level BGA) FOWLP”, L. Yaojian et al, Presented at EPTC2016






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