郭政炫 / Mr. Charles Kuo



郭政炫 / Mr. Charles Kuo

顧問總監 / Account Technical Director

亞太區諮詢服務群 / Consulting Service

Mentor, A Siemens Business


  • EMBA, National Cheng Chi University

  • B.S. in Electronics Engineering, Chung Yang University


  • Over thirty years of experience in business management, operation management and engineering development in the semiconductor area. Strong knowledge and experience in re-engineering process in both business and engineering filed.

  • Leading service team provide consulting service to Japan and Korea key auto maker





Autonomous Driving is not a simple solution of car plus a computer, it is a complicated system problem it need to consider: mechanical, electronics, software and integration of three different domain knowledge. Mentor develop a consolidate system solution to help our customer shorten their development cycle time.





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