陳鏘澤 / Mr. Tony Chen



陳鏘澤 / Mr. Tony Chen

Deputy Director



  • M.S. Process Control in Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan Institute of Technology in 1993.



  • Deputy Director of 300mm Fabs Facility Division, tsmc.

  • New fab design and construction

  • Led New Fab Design team to complete sixteen new construction projects (Wafertech, SSMC, tsmc F6, F12P1~P5, F14P1~P4, F15P1~P2, LED and Solar). The news facility technologies were developed and the “green fab” concepts were incorporated in GIGAFAB design in recirculation and reuse of general exhaust heat, and development of solar power generation etc. to construct reliable and advanced fabs. 

  • Led Green Building team to win 18 LEED certifications and 10 EEWH certifications of tsmc Fab an Office buildings. 

  • tsmc Fab15 capacity expansion and cost reduction

  • Completed the N28100K tools hookup within two years, and successfully migrated F15 from the construction mode to operation mode in fast and stable way, achieved the cost reduction. 









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