南港展覽館4樓大師論壇舞台區 Thursday, September 06
8:30am to 4:35pm

Date:Thursday, September. 06, 2018
Time:08:30 - 16:35 (08:30 - 09:00 for registration)
Venue:Master Forum Stage, 4F, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center/ 台北南港展覽館一館 4樓 大師論壇主舞台
Theme:Intelligent Material Clouds
Forum Chairman: Mr. Min-Te Chen/ 陳明德, Deputy Director, TSMC/ Chairman of SEMI Taiwan Materials Committee
Forum Vice Chairman:
• Dr. Joe Wu/ 吳宗禧, Deputy Director, TSMC/ Vice Chairman of SEMI Taiwan Materials Committee
• Dr. Jeffrey Yang/ 楊秉豐, Senior Department Manager, ASE/ Vice Chairman of SEMI Taiwan Materials Committee
• Mr. Brian Chen/ 陳致遠, Vice President, Wah Lee/ Vice Chairman of SEMI Taiwan Materials Committee


  As many new downstream technology applications (like cloud computing, big data analytics, AI, IOT, Autonomous Driving, AR/VR, 5G..) emerge to demand for more powerful and smarter devices from semiconductor supply chain in order to enable a more digitalized and connected world for the mankind, the upstream materials industry needs to cope with these new development trends and adopt more intelligent materials management systems to address increasingly complex and challenging requirements demanded by the semiconductor fabs such as novel materials innovations, robust supply chain management, green chemistry development, end-to-end quality control, total cost of ownership, social responsibility and sustainability…etc. in a fully integrated manner. Each integrated and intelligent materials management system can be considered as a "materials cloud" which virtually administrate one of the most critical fab operation issues on a 24/7 basis.
  Looking forward, we envision each self-performing and fully localized materials cloud can closely connect vendors from the supply side and fab users from the demand side to build a highly collaborative community. Collectively all clouds form a seamless network of clouds to become a comprehensive global materials ecosystem which continues to act as a strong foundation to support sustainable growth of the semiconductor industry in the future.
  In this one-day forum, speakers from around the world involved in semiconductor materials value chain will share insights of the latest technologies, market trends and products solutions.

早鳥價 原價
NTD 2,500 NTD 3,125

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* Forum agenda is subject to change
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Dr. Joe Wu / 吳宗禧
Deputy Director
Mr. Brian Chen / 陳致遠
Vice President
Wah Lee
Dr. Montray C. Leavy
Deputy CTO
Ms. Qingqing Bales
Lab Manager
Balazs (Metrology Lab)
Mr. George Chang / 張忠吉
Mr. Mark Thrisk
Managing Partner
Linx Consulting
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