As high performance computing, automotive electronics, 5G communications, IoT and AR/VR applications are rapidly growing, their requirements for smaller form factors, higher data rates, low power and cost reduction will significantly increase the adoption of advanced packaging technologies. Researchers at Yole Développement estimated that overall revenues of the advanced packaging industry will enjoy a 7% CAGR between 2016 and 2022. Fan-out (FO) will be the fastest growing advanced packaging platform, registering a 36% CAGR between 2016 and 2022. By 2022, the FO packaging market will grow to over US$3 billion.

In view of this market trend, SEMICON Taiwan 2020 will include an exhibition area for FO packaging for the first time where local and foreign vendors can demonstrate manufacturing equipment, materials and components that are critical to FO packaging process.


SEMICON Taiwan 2020 Fan Out Packaging Pavilion Exhibitors 

I2816  E and R Engineering Corporation
I2822  TechMax Technical Co., Ltd.
I2824  Hajime Corporation
I2828  TA LIANG Technology Co., LTD.
I2922  AGC Inc.
I2923  Mingkun Technologies Co., Ltd.
I2928  Manz Taiwan Ltd.
I3023  Takano Co., Ltd.
J2834  Utechzone Co., Ltd.
J2838  Industrial Technology Research Institute - ITRI
J2934  Horng Terng Automation Co., Ltd.



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