Mr. Lewis Huang

Deputy General Manager




  • SEMI Taiwan Assembly and Testing Committee member
  • SEMI Taiwan Materials Committee member
  • TPCA Technology Development Committee member
  • IMPACT Technology Program Committee member
  • ECTC Materials and Process Committee member


Since SMIC (Senju Metal Industry Co.,) Taiwan Branch was established on Nov. 1999, Lewis Huang was the first one employee. Now his job title is vice president and has served at SMIC over 20 years. Main job function is sales, marketing, soldering technology supporting and managing. During this period, he totally participated the Tin-Lead transform to lead free generation and from BGA, flip chip, WLP, Fan Out, 2.5DIC extend to heterogeneous Integration. SMIC as an owner who hold the lead free alloy patent, a leader company of solder joint and has the greatest technology on semiconductor package assembly, provided the total solution for lead free solder joint and cutting-edge fine pitch bumping formation technology. He relies on continuous observation to package assembly new trends and learn the newest technologies and materials from SMIC.

Now he is a committee member of below association:

- SEMI Taiwan - Assembly and Testing Committee,

- SEMI Taiwan - Materials Committee,

- TPCA - Technology Development Committee,

- IMPACT - Technology Program Committee,

- ECTC - Materials and Process Committee.

He is an indispensable bridge for customers to integrate technologies with SMIC.
Not only face the needs and trend of fine pitch and 3D package (SiP assembly), but also co-solve production issues such like warpage, standoff, reinforcement etc. in semiconductor industry in the future. He intends to combine SMIC’s fine pitch bump formation R&D team with customers, conduct the newest technologies such as Micro ball, PPS (Precoated by Powder Sheet), Cu core ball, Cu core column, IMS (Injection Molted Solder), Low Temperature Solder and High Temperature Solder Solutions etc. into assembly industry worldwide.

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