3H Probe Card By AI

Friday, September 25
2:25pm to 2:50pm


AI chips have the characteristics of 3H (high current, high pin count, high temperature), and Probe Card development must meet the needs based on its application, testing, and actual operating environment. Based on the above characteristics, how CHPT is considered by the selection of materials, circuit design, signal and current integrity, manufacturing, and assembly. Through AI introduction of intelligent design and intelligent manufacturing, to meet customer needs for testing, accelerate the overcome of bottlenecks and problems in design and production, and provide customers with high-quality 3H Probe Card that meets their needs.


  • AI market (What are the AI markets, and how big is the market ?)
  • AI chip (Current AI chip vendors, AI chip features, and AI chip test requirements.)
  • 3H probe card features and production difficulty
  • How does CHPT design / produce high-quality 3H probe card by AI
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