SiP Global Summit 2020 – Heterogeneous Integration NOW & FUTURE – Day 1 [Physical & On-demand]

Grand Ballroom, Grande Luxe Banquet, 3F, Building A, CTBC Financial Park Tuesday, September 22
8:30am to 5:20pm

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Date:Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020
Time:08:30 - 17:20 (08:30-09:00 for registration)
Venue:Grand Ballroom, Grand Luxe Banquet, 3F, Building A, CTBC Financial Park

Theme: Innovative Advanced Packaging Technologies Enable Emerging Device Applications

Forum Chairs:

  • Mr. Albert Lan, Global Sr. Packaging TD, Applied Materials/Vice Chairman, SEMI Taiwan Packaging & Testing Committee 



I. Super HPC Devices (Si-photonics / AI / Quantum Computer / HBM ....)

  - ALL of Si-photonics, Quantum Computer, and HBM memory can effectively enable 5G & AI, even other HPC or 6G devices in the future.

  • Si-photonics:  Transmission Power
  • Quantum Computer – Calculation Power
  • HBM – Storage Power

  - Try to address what’s Advanced Packaging technologies are used, and its challenges & solutions can enable the above HPC technologies, such as HD-FO, TSV or Cu hybrid bonding, and so on..  

II. Advanced Panel and Substrates (including HD FO-PLP / Fordable Display / …..)

  - Advanced Panel and Substrates with larger economic scale sizes are targeting on HD(High Density) Fan Out and future Fordable Display to compete with wafer scale format in the future.

  - Advanced packaging technologies as well as its technology challenges and solutions, such as warpage, fine width RDL, adaptive patterning (mask-less), and so on.. will be addressed here.

III. Post Moore’s Law Generation (Power IC: IGBT / GaN / SiC / ….)

  - Recent autonomous car or HSR train need high device power dissipation requirements make power IC very popular, such as IGBT, GaN, SiC, and so on.

  - Advanced packaging technologies, such as Taiko wafer handling, PVD or evaporator for BSM(Back-Side Metallization) will be addressed here.





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Mr. Albert Lan
Global Sr. Packaging TD
Applied Materials Taiwan
Dr. Akshay Singh
Vice President of Advanced Packaging Technology Development
Micron Technology
Mr. Ray Yang
Consulting & BD Director
Industrial Technology Research Institute - Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center
Mr. Chris Jones
Senior Director, PVD & ECD Product Management
SPTS Technologies Ltd
Mr. Albert Lan
Global Sr. Packaging TD
Applied Materials Taiwan
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