SiP Global Summit 2020 – Heterogeneous Integration NOW & FUTURE – Day 2 [Physical & On-demand]

Grand Ballroom, Grande Luxe Banquet, 3F, Building A, CTBC Financial Park Thursday, September 24
8:30am to 5:30pm

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Date:Thursday, September 24th, 2020
Time:08:30 - 17:30 (08:30-09:00 for registration)
Venue:Grand Ballroom, Grand Luxe Banquet, 3F, Building A, CTBC Financial Park

Theme: Advanced 3D System Integration for Moore’s Law 2.0 & Beyond

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The continuous pursuit of higher compute power with insatiable data bandwidth to meet relentless system demands from cloud computing, datacenters, enterprise servers, supercomputers, network system and edge, has urged new system integration solutions with larger footprint, denser 3D interconnect, close proximity 3D inter chip integration and new memory system. These system integration trends can effectively improve compute,data bandwidth, latency and power efficiency, which are buzzwords in system performances when benchmarking the merits of advanced system integration solutions. 

To continuously sustain the economics of scale in advanced node technology adoption, semiconductor in dustry has widely advocated the fusion of design technology co-optimization (DTCO) in IC scaling and system technology co-optimization (STCO) in system scaling. The SoC disintegration and chiplets integration through innovative heterogeneous integration technology (HIT) become important to sustain the Moore's Law by the fusion of DTCO and STCO, and advocate a path forward to a new semiconductor era. The pace of advanced chiplets integration technology accelerates not only in backend 2D/3D packaging but also in front end process of 3D chip on wafer and wafer on wafer stacking (aka SoIC). In recent years, wafer scale system integration emerges in a unique front to break through the limitation of compute power and data bandwidth offered by current mainstream packages.

In this forum, speakers from renowned academia, research institute, Design House, EDA tool, foundry, and manufacturing/materials suppliers are sharing their insights and visions. Audience would benefit from this forum to have an in depth understanding of following subjects

  • AI/5G network and HPC heterogeneous integration technology trends
  • Moore's Law 2.0 unleashed by 3D high density HIT
  • New semiconductor era advocated by innovative HIT in package form and wafer form
  • System integration challenges: 3D stacking, Large Substrate Thermal





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Dr. Kuo-Chung Yee
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited
Dr. Shang Y. Hou
Deputy Director
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited
Dr. Chih-Hang Tung
Deputy Director
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited
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