Development of Robust Chemical Supply Chains and Production Control Systems to Meet Tomorrow’s IC Manufacturing Requirements

Thursday, September 24
10:05am to 10:30am


A semiconductor manufacturer must balance multiple aspects of a chemical supplier during a material selection process. These areas include, but are not limited to: price, quality, technology and robustness.  In the past, most IC manufacturers have focused heavily on price, quality and technology and paid less attention on the supply chain robustness.  Most supply chains are currently interwoven throughout the global economy.  This causes the risk profile of a supply line to be more complex then it was many years ago when raw material, processing and finished goods were often coming from one country or location.  This has been highlighted during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.  Chemical suppliers must realize the current supply line complexity and address it through advanced supply chain techniques such as: business continuity plans, supply chain mapping, risk analysis, coaching / teaching of sub suppliers, movement from buyer to supply chain manager personnel, multi-sourced raw materials, and flexible inventory strategies.  MLI will review examples of how the use of these advanced techniques enables reduced risk for its customers.

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