Radical Approaches for New Dielectric Deposition Materials

Thursday, September 24
10:45am to 11:10am


•The emerging diversity of new logic and memory structures provides significant challenges for identifying and developing the many new materials that will be needed to build these structures with the requisite physical and electronic properties. The rate of innovation required is making a step change and so new approaches are needed to meet this challenge within the time and economic constraints that the industry imposes.  This talk will provide several examples of how radical innovation was employed to meet these needs.  One case that will be presented compares the various approaches to selective deposition that we are evaluating by using a combination of theoretical and surface analytical tools with applications testing to understand each approach’s benefits and shortcomings.

•In another example, gap filling of high aspect ratio and re-entrant features with silicon dielectrics presents new challenges that are pressing the limits of conventional recipes.  We have therefore developed solutions using multiple modalities, including spin-on dielectric, plasma enhanced CVD, atomic layer deposition, and flowable CVD.  With our extensive experience in material and process development for each of these techniques, we are able to understand which approaches have applicability for a given device structure. We will discuss some of the trade-off inherent to the selection.

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