Reconciling ALD and Selective ALD materials innovation and process affordability

Thursday, September 24
11:10am to 11:35am


•As equivalent scaling continues to be the main knob for semiconductor device performance improvements, leading to a continued adoption of new and sometimes highly specialized and fine tuned molecules. This cost of novelty adds to a general increase in material usage per wafer (very high aspect ratio structure leading to long high precursor usage per pass to achieve conformality).

•From reusing mature products in new ways, to improving  dispense technologies, or to molecular tuning that enables simple facilitization and high molecular efficiency (low usage per nm deposited), various options and examples enabling to keep ALD total CoO in control while maintaining the required pace of innovation will be presented. Similarly, selective ALD is gaining traction to simplify process flows, and in itself helps for process cost reduction, and examples showing how molecular tuning can enable such processes.

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