Sustainability of Semiconductor Materials Supply Chain in the Era of Covid-19

Thursday, September 24
9:40am to 10:05am


•Linx Consulting continues to monitor how the global economy impacts the electronic materials supply chain under the challenging USA-China trade war and Covid-19 pandemic environment. Amidst the recent economic and revenue results releases, we have generated a series of potential scenarios for the next few years. These scenarios are based around sales of silicon wafers expressed in millions of square inches (MSI). Our work develops a multiyear forecast from the historic record of the SEMI-reported MSI demand by developing an econometric relationship with underlying demand drivers. Using this methodology, 

•Linx  Consulting provides useful insights for semiconductor materials chain players to develop robust contingency plans in each forecasted scenario and be better prepared and vigilant of a slower than hoped for return to previous industry activity levels if the effects of the pandemic continues for an extended period.

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