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Whether you are a business owner, job seeker or student who wants to enter the semiconductor industry, you are welcome to actively participate in the SEMICON Taiwan 2021 SMART Workforce Pavilion!

The Best Platform to Expose and Recruit Talents

smart workforce pavilion

Sponsor or join the SMART Workforce Pavilion!

Join SEMICON Taiwan 2021

SEMI Workforce Development, Ms. Marvis Wu
TEL: 886.3.560.1777EXT.303
E-mail: [email protected]

Meet the Experts and Keep Up with the Latest Industry Developments

The SMART Workforce Pavilion is where you’ll find the information you need to see where you fit in, and access the resources to get in the game and jumpstart your career. Come and network with industry professionals, discover career options and learn how you can contribute to the growth of an exciting industry.

Talent Matching


One on One Interview

• Resume checkup and one-on-one interviews can help jobseekers develop outstanding capabilities
• Professional coaching and tailor-made advice on career opportunities


Data collection

• Hand in your resume to SEMI Booth
• Matching you to the right companies and highlighting your existence with greater visibility


Job Board

• Lists some of the industry’s hottest job vacancies

Students Program

student tour

Student Tour

The guided activity is specially arranged for students, which will lead the students to several exhibition areas to get a glimpse of the latest developments and highlights of the semiconductor industry.


SEMI HTU Program

After attending an HTU program, students understand the education and career pathways that will lead them to high-tech fields, allowing them to make informed education and career choices.

Campus Ambassador

SEMI 2021 Campus Ambassador

Interest in engagement to the high-tech semiconductor industry? SEMI Campus Ambassador Plan is waiting for you!

SMART Workforce Pavilion Forum




HR Forum- Strategies in Digital Transformation


Talent Cultivation Symposium



Career Talk

13:30-15:30  High Tech U Program



Women-in-Tech Forum :
Empowering Women for the Future


Talent Forum:

Talent Development in Compound Semiconductor Innovative Application