高科技智慧製造論壇 [Physical & On-demand]

401 會議室/ 南港展覽館一館四樓 Wednesday, September 23
8:50am to 11:30am

(僅將取得講師授權的錄影檔上傳至SEMICON Taiwan 2020 Hybrid Platform)

Date:Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020
Time:08:50 - 11:30 (08:50-09:20 for registration)
Venue:Room 401, 4F, TaiNEX 1 / 台北南港展覽館一館 4樓 401會議室

Theme: How Companies Win with Smart Manufacturing

Forum Chair:

  • Mr. James Lin 林京沛, 副處長, 聯華電子股份有限公司/ 共同主席, SEMI Taiwan智慧製造委員會
  • Dr. Scott Yu 游志源, 部經理, 台積電/ 共同主席, SEMI Taiwan智慧製造委員會
  • Dr. Cheney Chiu 邱煜程, 副處長, 日月光集團/ 共同主席, SEMI Taiwan智慧製造委員會


  • Mr. James Lin 林京沛, 副處長, 聯華電子股份有限公司/ 共同主席, SEMI Taiwan智慧製造委員會


Smart Manufacturing has been the buzz word and industrial movement around the manufacturers. AI and 5G as the new powers, enabling smart manufacturing and possible applications to benefit companies' daily operations, from production flexibility to operation efficiency, from energy-saving to cost reduction.

With the full automation and data-driven manufacturing fabs, IC and high-tech industry manufacturers got more chance to leverage the benefits from smart manufacturing, to makes continuous progress in technology innovation which benefits the world and human life, accompanied with the opportunity, they also face multiple critical issues from the road to digital transformation, like cybersecurity threats, data storage strategy and protection and cross-functional roles’ communication gaps.

How Companies win with Smart Manufacturing would be the key topic of this year’s main theme of SMART manufacturing forum, during this forum, speakers will share about practical experiences on how companies develop smart to intelligent manufacturing under the conditions of estimable ROI and effective benefits, we will invite manufacturer to share the insights and expectations of current smart manufacturing and cybersecurity on how ecosystem can assemble together and solution providers from IoT, Edge, Cloud, AI and Cybersecurity segments to bring out valuable best practices to inspire the audiences.

SEMI 會員價
學生價 (不含EMBA)
NTD 2,000 NTD 2,500 NTD 2,000 5人以上再享9折 NTD 800

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* Forum agenda is subject to change



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