智慧汽車國際高峰論壇 [LIVE + On-demand]

504bc 會議室/ 南港展覽館一館五樓 Wednesday, September 23
8:30am to 12:20pm

Date : Wednseday, September 23rd , 2020
Time :  08:30 – 12:20 (8:30-9:00 for registration)
Venue :  Room 504bc, 5F, TaiNEX 1 / 台北南港展覽館一館 五樓 504bc會議室
Theme : Innovations Drive Smart Mobility Development

Disrupted by technology and new market entrants, smart mobility industry is in fluctuation. Technological advances such as interactive safety systems, vehicle connectivity, and self-driving cars change the game. 

According with Reports & Data, the market of connected cars will reach USD 197.12 billion by 2026. The widespread application of IoT in smart mobility fosters the vehicle connectivity and enhances driver experience. 

To facilitate the development of smart mobility, cross integration between industries breaks the traditional supply chain. That is, a brand-new value chain has created network to involve more industries such as service providers and startup companies. With this trend, the innovative thinking and novel business model speed up the application of prospective technology in smart mobility.

This time, Smart Mobility Forum 2020 covers all the important topics including AI, 5G, sensing technology, communication, advanced autonomous driving technology etc., goes deeper to the ecosystem of emerging tech roadmap and the optimal business models of mobility revolution.


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* Forum agenda is subject to change


Ms. Bettina Weiss
Chief of Staff & Corporate Strategy
Mr. Dileep Rangan
Director, Business Development, Asia-Pacific, Data & AI Expert Labs and Learning
Mr. Michael Huang
技術策略發展部 首席科技分析長
Mr. Brian Carlson
Director of Global Marketing - Vehicle Control and Networking Solutions
NXP Semiconductors
Mr. Benedetto Vigna
President, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group
Mr. Tomomitsu Maoka 真岡朋光
高級副總裁, 汽車解決方案業務中心副事業本部長/瑞薩電子中國 董事長
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