Flexible Circuits in a Changing Automotive Industry

Thursday, September 24
9:50am to 10:20am

Abstract : 

The automotive industry is moving towards a space that will include autonomous, connected, electrified and shared (ACES) vehicles. In this environment, the vehicle architecture, packaging, sensors and infotainment will change dramatically. Autonomous vehicles will require a new set of sensors (cameras, radar, lidar, GPS, IMU, etc.) and extensive compute power. Electrified vehicles will require new packaging for the battery pack and motors. Connected vehicles will require more antennas and displays. And shared vehicles will require new interior sensors and smart surfaces. All these changes present opportunities and challenges for flex circuits. In autonomous vehicles, there will be significantly more data to process, and most likely in a centralized compute platform, so the number of wires could increase dramatically. Flex circuits could solve some of these problems. The battery pack could benefit from flex circuits that carry power and sensor signals. Connected vehicles could benefit from flexible antennas mounted on various parts of the body. Lastly, shared vehicles could present opportunities for smart surfaces and new sensors and input devices.

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