New Manufacturing Technologies for SEMICON and Display Markets

Thursday, September 24
3:50pm to 4:20pm

Abstract of Presentation : 

• Large, affordable microLED displays open up large markets in consumer products and automotive industry. Innovations are needed to accurately and timely assemble ~25 million LEDs for a 4k display. Holst Centre has 10+ years experience in laser transfer and interconnect technology, as well as flexible panels. At Flex Taiwan we will present these technologies and our progress in setting up an ecosystem with partners throughout the value chain to bring these technologies to the market.

• The next generation of electronics is smaller, thinner, more integrated while the need for personalization increases. This drives the need for digital manufacturing technology. 3D Printed electronics, where additive manufacturing is combined with printing high resolution electric circuits and integrating components, enables personalized electronics products. It has the potential to replace overmoulding, lead frames and wire bonding. We will give insight in our current capability, possible applications and our roadmap.

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